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COVID 19: We are OPEN for boarding and training and are committed to providing a safe environment for your dogs. Thank you for your continued business.




Leash Manners

  • Sit quietly while being leashed up
  • Slack leash at heel
  • Under control leash walk with distractions, people, kids, other dogs, other animals, etc.


House Manners

  • Sit & wait for release during feeding
  • Sit & wait for invite while entering and exiting doors
  • Enter & exit crate quietly


People Manners

  • Sit & quiety greet owners and other people
  • No jumping
  • No mouthing
  • Off site sessions with Trainers to Lowes, Home Depot, FSK Mall, Downtown Frederick not only help create training opportunities but expose your dog to unfamiliar/uncomfortable situations, that allow them to gain confidence and be a completely balanced dog.


Dog Socialization

  • Sit quietly on leash other dogs pass
  • Quietly & calmly walk on leash past other dogs
  • Walk amongst pack on leash
  • On leash meet & greet
  • Off leash socialization & off leash control amongst other dogs
  • Off site sessions with Trainers to the C&O Canal, Baker Park and Cunningham Falls not only create training opportunities but allow your dog new experiences


Verbal Commands / Hand Signals

  • SIT (and stay)
  • DOWN (and stay)
  • Come to HEEL
  • COME


Off leash recall - through the use of an electronic collar, at the lowest setting possible, allow your dog complete freedom to run and explore while having complete confidence they will return to you when called, the FIRST time!


The 3-week board and training program costs $2,100.00 for the 3 weeks, which includes room and board, a minimum of 4 lessons with owners. 





Often we get calls from dog owners that are having specific behavioral problems with their pets. Most of these problems can be resolved with the proper training methods. Braveheart has been very successful with rehabilitating these dogs to become good citizens again. The behavioral issues that we have encountered range from barking to aggression and everything in between. We have saved many dogs from being put down or being place in a new home. Before you make a hasty decision, please give us a call and together we will do everything we can to correct your dog’s behavior.





  • Well behaved dogs start with good nutrition and a healthy weight. Adjust for activity levels and do not over feed.
  • A dog without daily exercise is bound to act out negatively.
  • Leash walking is not sufficient exercise for a dog.
  • Mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise.
  • Relate to dogs the way they relate to each other.  By humanizing a dog we cannot communicate effectively.
  • Establishing dominance naturally equates to leadership and respect.  If we do not lead the dog, the dog will lead us.
  • Becoming the pack leader requires powerful assertiveness and perceived superiority of strength.   Once this dynamic is established, we can communicate with a dog in a softer and more subtle way.
  • Electronic collars are used primarily for off-leash recall rather than punishment or dominance building.  Use the lowest possible level to get the response that you want.
  • A well rounded relationship includes love, discipline, proper nutrition and exercise.  A combined approach will nurture a complete happy and healthy dog.