August 2022 Update: Click here to view our boarding pricing update 

COVID 19: We are OPEN for boarding and training and are committed to providing a safe environment for your dogs. Thank you for your continued business.

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Dear Valued Customers and Many We Consider Friends, 

As we are sure you are aware prices on everything are on the rise.  Early this week the Fed announced inflation is currently at 9.1 % while experts argue it's actually around 20%

While we as a company have tried to ride out increasing prices to our business without passing it along to you, our valued clients, we have come to the point where we are now forced to do so in order to stay a profitable business that will continue to be here in the future to serve your needs. 


While we have always prided ourselves on the fact that we have traditionally been the boarding and training facility that has given the best care, most freedom, time and attention to you furry family members while in our care for the lowest price possible, we want to continue to be seen as that valued facility you can trust.  In order to do so, we decided to not nickel and dime you for all the extras we have always included.  Walks, time outside of the kennel, Professional trainers that handle and care for your dog during their entire stay and that amazing off leash Freedom for our returning training dogs at our 6 acre facility, we are simply just going to raise the daily price to continue to be a profitable business that is here to serve your family.


While this will be our highest price increase in the almost 20 year history of our kennel, it’s only the 3rd in almost 20 years as well.  The Daily Boarding Price will go from $30 a day to $45 dollars a day.  While we have done our due diligence to ensure we are still at the lower end of all facilities in our area we understand this may seem like a huge jump.  Partially because we haven't had a price increase in over 10 years.


New Prices will go into effect Monday August 1st.  Meaning regardless of when your reservation was made the daily boarding price for a single dog will be $45 per day, Multiple dog prices will increase in accordance as well.  All Services such as Bath, Nails, Treats etc. will remain at their current price point.   If your dog is currently in our care, started their stay with us before August 1st , we will honor the $30 per day pricing.   We understand some people may choose to cancel their reservations for any number of reasons, we will be happy to continue to serve you in the future.


Best Regards,

The Braveheart Kennels Family

August 2022 Boarding Pricing Update